Satisfied customers perfectly settled in their home in Portugal. This is the best reward for Vie d'Azur. What could be more rewarding than to find them fulfilled thanks to the realization of their life project.

And to know that we have contributed to it, even on a small scale, is what galvanizes our teams on a daily basis.

So, do you want a dream life in your future home in Portugal too ? Know that you can make it come true. Just like Judith, Eric, Miranda, Karen, Olivier and Sarah, who are among our ambassador friends today.

And discover the 10 reasons why they decided to move to Portugal by clicking here.

Olivier and Sarah

, from Freiburg to Nazaré

February 15th, 2020

The age of retirement has come for Olivier, this spirited couple has made the choice for a better life in the sun, by the sea.

Having long wanted to make their dream of living in Portugal come true, they have carefully prepared their departure. In particular, Olivier and Sarah have multiplied their holiday stays to discover the 4 corners of the country.

And one day in May 2019, they made up their mind. They were going to spend peaceful days in Nazaré.

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From then on, visits to villas in Portugal could begin to quickly find their future haven of peace.
Today Olivier and Sarah are a young and happy retired couple, enjoying the beauty of the country and a well-deserved peaceful life.

Judith and Eric

, from Grimisuat to Sines

June 25th, 2019

They chose Alentejo, a region increasingly appreciated for its tranquility, its magnificent beaches and arid landscapes as far as the eye can see, its wines and its cuisine.

This couple bought a house and 5 hectares of land for CHF 259,000, or EUR 230,000.

When asked how they feel about this adventure, Judith (60) exclaims enthusiastically:

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"Oh, if you only knew how good it is here! I do not regret our decision. Eric, her husband, continues:
"It's paradise here, we have a huge garden, a swimming pool and even small bungalows for our guests. We could never have bought such a property like this in Valais. Besides, life is so much cheaper. »
Eric is not retired yet. He continues to work for a Swiss company from Portugal.


, from Boston to Lagos

February 20th, 2018

A month in Vila Nova de Gaia, near Porto, a month in Lisbon and a month in Lagos, Algarve, the big decision was made: at 61, Karen was going to live for the first time in her life outside the United States.
This former librarian from Boston, recently retired, wanted to open a new chapter in Portugal: "People ask me to explain my choice and I always answer: And why not? ». Karen and her husband have owned a villa in the Algarve for 18 months and nothing in the world would change that life.


, from Paris to Lisbon

March 8th, 2017

With only one suitcase under her arm and leaving everything behind, Miranda moved to Portugal in 2011 where love took her. She found a position in a software company very easily.
First, she chose to rent out and then decided to take the plunge and acquire a cozy little nest (as she calls it) in a neighbourhood of Lisbon that she particularly likes.
Today, the start-up that hired her has grown and her responsibilities within the company have evolved. She was promoted to team leader and was lucky enough to get an "efetivo" contract (CDD).