The Vie d’Azur method

The Vie d’Azur method

Vie d'Azur has developed a know-how that offers its clients a unique chance to settle in Portugal and enjoy an exceptional life.

Our main concern is to get to know you. By understanding your motivations perfectly, we will be all the more able to meet your expectations.

In order to achieve this, we will start by drawing up the specifications of the property you are looking for. This is when the process is launched. The one that brings you closer to your dream to settle in Portugal.

This is our approach:

Get to know our customer over coffee, listen to him, learn about his project and wishes

Write a personalized specification, submit it to the client for approval

Define an action plan, including a detailed planning and chronology of steps

Launch the search for the appropriate property with our partners and present a choice of complete files

Select with the client the properties to visit and plan the stay in Portugal with a Vie d’Azur representative

Discover the region in order to immerse yourself in life on the spot

Debrief on the client’s impressions in order to refine the decision criteria

Negotiate the best conditions for the client

Provide legal assistance for the preparation of all official documents at the conclusion of the sale or lease

Contribute to the finalization of the final steps before leaving for Portugal